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Cinco cosas amo (Five things I love)

In my recent blog browsing, soaking up all that is good on the internet, I came across a fellow designer's blog that I found to be really interesting. By way of an awesome wedding invitation, I discovered

Promise Tangeman and her blog

. Promise does this regular "Five Things I Love" posting and I thought it was a cool idea, so I'm borrowing it!


1) I love this invitation! For a wedding, it's such an unexpected color palette (one that I've been itching to use lately in something, myself). I also like the layering and mixing of textures, type, illustration...it's just juicy. It's beautiful. It's DIFFERENT.


2) Writing. I love to write. I have loved to write since sometime in middle school, when I became more and more aware of what a huge nerd I was and how all of my friends didn't want to hear me obsess over my eighth grade science class crush. I took it to the journal. I think the only time I didn't love writing was when I had to write my first five paragraph essay for Honors English class in tenth grade, the topic of which was symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. After that, I geeked out and loved writing a good five paragraph essay. Even now, I sometimes wish that I had minored in English in college, just so I'd have more reason to read literature and write expository essays about it. Yes, some things never change—I'm still a huge nerd.

3) This might sound kind of weird, but I love Zicam. It is a wonder drug. I used to suffer through cold season catching every cold that came along and people would bust on me for my horrible habit of leaving a trail of tissues wherever I went. (Disgusting, I know). I can deal with having the snotty nose, dazed and confused roofies-head, and Darth Vader breathing habits, but I cannot, repeat, CANNOT deal with having a sore throat. Since I discovered Zicam two winters ago, I have not had a full-blown cold since! Whenever I run into someone who is skeptical of Zicam or has never used it, I pretty much turn into a Zicam-vangelist. I preach its wondrous nature far and wide.

Lincoln Park After Dark

4) I'm really loving this new nail polish I bought, called Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. Let me also say that I have not worn nail polish unless it was a special occasion in YEARS. There was a time (interestingly, aligning with the days of the aforementioned crush on science class boy) where I would paint my nails a different color. Every. Single. Day. One of my main goals in life became to own every color of the rainbow in nail polish. It took a while, but I did accomplish that. I think orange was the culprit that held me back from victory for so long. Anyway, I had forgotten how much skill it takes to paint your own nails—the left hand especially, if you're right handed—without looking like a blind amputee holding the brush with their mouth was your manicurist. I'm going to work on re-acquiring this skill, because I think I'd like to get back into regularly wearing nail polish. Especially now that I don't have to rely on an allowance and can spend the unheard-of-in-'95 $8.50 on a bottle of nice nail polish versus the 99 cents for a bottle of good old Wet'n'Wild.


5) Boot season. I love my boots. My friends used to make fun of me and say I had a boot fetish problem. But I'm telling you, you can never have enough pairs of boots. They are both warm AND stylish. Plus, you have to have a good array of blacks and browns, as well as varying heel heights. Variety is the name of the game just as it is the spice of life. Wow, I managed to fit two clichés into that one small sentence. SKILL!

Alright, so that's my first installation of the Five Favorite Things. And yours are...?

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