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Polaroid makes a triumphant return

You might have heard:

Polaroid is back

! Which is pretty exciting news. I've always loved Polaroid photos. My dad, who went to school for photography, pretty much always had his trusty Polaroid hanging from his neck in my youth. As kids, we used to love watching the photo magically develop before our eyes...and as an adult, I love the hazy kind of instant-memory photo quality that Polaroids have. I even downloaded an iPhone app (


) to Polaroid-ize my iPhone pictures! To celebrate, here's some real old school Polaroids, along with some newfangled iPhone versions that are from more recent times.


Me and my dad, who's looking like Teen Wolf


Yes, that would be a Cabbage Patch doll in my stroller. (For anyone keeping track at home, her name was Marjorie Joy)


And yes, that would be a Pound Puppy that I got in my Easter basket! Representing the best of the 80's toys here...


My sister Sarah and I on Christmas Eve. Sarah's holding a Polaroid and waiting for the magic to happen!


A jewelry box with a twirling ballerina that plays music is a milestone in any girl's life. PLUS, it had a personalized gold name plate!


Sarah and her "singin' in the rain" umbrella


Sarah was a force of destruction. Come to think of it, she kind of still is.


Sisterly love.


Family portrait, circa 1985?

The beach in Oceanside, California

The beach in San Diego (iPhone)





Skydive Elsinore