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Grandma was the one whose house we always went to when we got sick. In return for downing some overly pulpy store brand orange juice, she would paint my nails bright red, let me play with her makeup and costume jewelry while sitting at her vanity, and watch hours and hours of David the Gnome, Eureeka's Castle, and Inspector Gadget in Nickelodeon. Grandma was the one who would pick me up from middle school and drive me to the orthododontist in her yacht on wheels '89 white Grand Marquis with a navy blue rag top. Grandma was the one who told us to eat our bread crusts so that we would have curly hair, and who always wore a skirted bathing suit and pink lipstick while swimming in Candlewood Lake. Grandma was the one who would leave her wicker chair on the front porch to get a drink, and when she returned she would kick out any chair squatters by using the force of the Matriarch. Grandma was the one who loved to drink Old Fashioneds while grandpa had a Manhattan. Here's to you, Grandma. I hope you're at peace.

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