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This validates me as a person of good taste.

A few months ago, I was

trying to decide what chair to get

for my new "studio" setup (i.e., Ikea desk crammed into my tiny room, one foot from my bed). I fell in love with these acrylic chairs I found on target.com, but in the end I decided they would make for much more fabulous dining room chairs than desk chairs. The other day, I was perusing the blogosphere and I came across some interior shots of stylist Rachel Zoe's house...and she had the exact same chairs! THE EXACT SAME CHAIRS THAT I DID NOT GET! This proves that I have a good sense of style, right?


Now I just have to work on moving out, so that I have a dining room, so that I have a valid reason to follow up on my promise to myself to get these chairs.

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