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Wait, what? Really?

So, I got engaged at the end of summer (yay!). It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Well, really, it's the planning that's overwhelming. There are lots of wedding blogs to peruse, pictures to right click and save to an inspiration folder, names to add to the guest list, things to figure out, money (or lack thereof) to try and set aside to pay for things. The wedding blogs in particular can be a bit mind-boggling. Before I was planning a wedding, I wouldn't really pay so much attention to the "budget wedding" posts that were out there. Now I do, and I often find myself looking at these pictures in disbelief, mumbling, "Really?"

Like, really, you had all that time to make homemade boutonnieres out of buttons and twine? Or, really, who cans their own jam and prints labels and pastes them onto 150 jars as a wedding favor? Not that I'm hating on it, but it just... well... maybe I'm just too non-traditional when it comes to what I think of weddings. Or maybe I just don't have a thoroughly cemented idea of what a wedding "must" have.

I ran across this article that sums up my feelings pretty well. "To  the prospective bride, the wedding sites are a beautiful despair:  always done on a shoe-string and filled with the contributions of  equally talented and magical friends happy to whip out many-tiered  shortcakes and evergreen bouttonieres and old-timey music."

Certain things are important to me when getting married. I want our friends and family there. I want everyone to have a blast. And I am not going into debt to pay for it. That said, I had a hard time understanding why people pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for blah venues that you can't really make your own. Or why people pay so much money for catering?! That was a big one. I want my guests to have a good time, but I can't lie, I don't really care to pay for everyone to have a filet for dinner. Frankly, they can go to Outback if they want steak. And on our budget, it was starting to look like if we were going to hire a caterer, we would have to stoop to the level of "Here's a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli, here's a fork, enjoy your meal." Luckily, we found a different, delicious, non-traditional solution. I also don't really understand the whole "wedding favor" thing. Sure, I enjoy a random candy favor or a set of bamboo coasters, but would I have noticed if they weren't there at the weddings I attended? No. I have a hard time understanding when and where people go so off the rails in spending for weddings. Then again, I guess it's probably easier when someone else is shelling out the cash to pay for it all.

I am sure it will be an interesting ride as I plan this out with a ruthless budget spreadsheet in Google docs.

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