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Big changes are occurring around here. Chief among them are that I am MOVING! And also, running a ten mile race without DYING! And also, my mom is getting RE-MARRIED! And I did her wedding invitations:

Not too shabby for designing, printing, and mailing them in a week. Luckily, my mom's also cool and basically set a few parameters for what she wanted and otherwise let me run with it. I don't feel it's often that a client would let their designer play with gigantic italic uppercase type. But I did, and mixed it with some watercolor flower paintings I did, and voila! I have to get better pictures than these iPhone shots and also take some of the envelope labels as well, but for now these will do.

The other thing I had to do was clothe myself for said event, in which my sister and I are bridesmaids. Luckily again for the both of us, my mom had no requirements of taffeta and David's bridal matching bridesmaids dresses, which is awesome. There's nothing worse than dropping $160 on a perfectly nice dress that yes, you could wear again, and it's pretty, but everyone can take one look at it and know it's a bridesmaid dress. But then it takes up a huge chunk of your closet because you feel bad throwing out $160 worth of Alfred Angelo's finest designs. So I took my debit card to Anthropologie and bought a gorgeous dress that I have no doubt I will wear for forever and ever. And I even splurged on a new bracelet. Damn, that Anthropologie's hard to say no to.

More on the other life-changing events to come. Until then, I get to pack boxes and boxes of 27 years worth of accumulated crap. Oh fun!