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Please pardon the long absence

There has been a severe lack of me blathering on about my personal life here, and I'll get to the reasons behind that soon (for the 1.4 people who read this blog and the .08 people who care). In the mean time, here's some new work... Save the dates that I did for our wedding! (Please don't anyone post bizarre things on our wedding website).


Here's a bit of background about our save the dates: my main goal was to not overthink them. That was the approach that I had to take—really, I just wanted to "do something cool and plop those suckers in the mailbox." I printed everything digitally. The yellow "save the date" banner was printed on cotton paper, trimmed out, and then glued on to the postcard just to give it an interesting tactile element. I knew that I wanted to do a teen-tiny cute envelope since I saw these invitations from designer Erin Jang.


Inside of each envelope was an even more tiny insert with our wedding information. I had originally wanted to do these save the dates as postcards to save money on postage (because yes, I'm a broke ass bride). Ironically, it ended up costing me way more. Not only did the post office tell me that I needed full postage because of the measurements of the postcard (ugh, it was like 1/8" too long or something) (things I should have researched before designing and printing 65 postcards), nearly all of our save the dates were returned to us in the mail. In a moment of what I thought was being helpful, I put our return address and a giant "FROM" underneath all of the addresses of our guests. That meant that the post office misread the addresses and sent our save the dates back to us. So there went $30 worth of postage down the drain.


It was sort of a blessing in disguise, because the postcards that got  returned to us were just about destroyed. Many were torn, the toner had  rubbed off, the labels peeled (though remarkably, the mini envelopes  all stayed intact—good old rubber cement never fails me). In a word,  they all looked like doodie. Luckily, I had printed a ton of extras and  was able to re-use some mini envelopes. I also ended up buying gray  drawing paper at the craft store and cutting out envelope templates and  making about 25 of my own—that was a lot of fun. HOWEVER. As a designer,  I could not be sending out crap for my own save the dates! So I put together another batch of postcards, but this time I mailed them all in a lovely, protective envelope to keep the battle wounds at bay.

It seems to have paid off. I've gotten some very nice compliments. Now the pressure is on to do a wedding invitation...