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Insecurity, volatility, and risk

Interesting article from Fast Company:

Shorter job tenure is associated with a new era of insecurity, volatility, and risk. It's part of the same employment picture as the increase in part-time, freelance, and contract work; mass layoffs and buyouts; and "creative destruction" within industries. All these changes put more pressure on the individual--to provide our own health care, bridge gaps in income with savings, manage our own retirement planning, and invest in our own education to keep skills marketable and up to date. Financial commitments like homeownership or starting a family are a much tougher proposition when one, you can't expect to stay in a place for long and two, you can't expect to ever earn more in real terms than you do at age 40, as recent surveys at Payscale.com suggest.

It makes me think about my (sort of convoluted, but not nearly as crazy as some of the people in this article) path so far. I have this discussion a lot—about why we are this way. I think a lot of us look at our parents, who may not have been happy with their careers, and make a conscious effort to not get stuck someplace that isn't where we ultimately want to be. I'm sure some of it can be attributed to our parents telling us we could do whatever we wanted and be rock stars at it (whether it's true or not). Sometimes I think we feel too entitled to being happy with our careers, relationships, and lives...but then I remember how hard we have to work to get to that happy place and I remember that it isn't just a given that we'll end up there.