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Despite the lack of posting, Operation Plan Your Damn Menu has not fallen off the wagon. I got a little hung up on thinking I should try and take nice, artful photos of my cooking—but let's be honest. That requires taking photos while the food gets cold, then eventually digging out the camera cord, firing up photoshop for the inevitable touch-ups, blah blah yada. Then I thought maybe I should do something fun like illustrate the recipes I cook. And then I thought, "Maybe I should just try and keep this blog alive with a post at least every other month," so here you have the glamorous iPhone shot of last night's dinner in the Cuisinart.

There have been some amazing and some just okay recipes that I have cooked in the last two months. Last night's beet pesto was amazing. That's probably due to all of the olive oil and parmesan cheese that's in it, but I digress. As a person whose only prior experience with beets consists of a seared-in memory of rubbery red discs served at the Merrie Moppets preschool I attended in 1986, I did not have high hopes for ever enjoying beets. The husband swore that they were delicious, so we tried this recipe. We couldn't find golden beets, but we made it anyway. It wasn't bad, though it was a little too "roughage heavy" for my tastes. It wasn't thrilling like beet pesto. Which, I would like to add, I ate while watching the new episode of The Walking Dead and felt a little wrong. Zombie brains, anyone? No? OK then, suit yourself.

Some of my favorite recipes have been Smitten Kitchen's mushroom bourguignon and spicy squash salad with lentils and goat cheese, the thai-spiced pumpkin soup, and these roasted chickpeas with feta. I'm sure some of the other recipes that I've tried and have been just ok could be really great with some tinkering, but since I have problems planning a menu a week in advance and finding all of the ingredients for some of these recipes, I'm clearly not someone who is going to attempt to make them better. 

So what's up next? I'm thinking of trying this turkey burger and maybe some chicken salad. Two non-vegetarian recipes in one week! What's up with that? Maybe I'm anemic. No, not really.