broad street: third time's a charm

Today was the first day of training for the 2012 Broad Street Run (which I am lucky that I managed to register for). I am feeling less excited than last year, but less nervous than the first time I ran it. I'm hoping that as I get into a rhythm with my training, it will become more exciting. There are a number of factors that I think are Debbie-Downering my excitement, not the least of which is this:

Picture 2.png

My Runkeeper tracking of miles logged between January of 2011 and now. You can see the "Fatty McGoo Dead Zone" that occurred between July and February, with the sad little hump of one 3.3 mile run in December. In my defense, I wasn't exactly being a Fatty McGoo, I just wasn't running. Blame it on commuting 3 hours a day, blame it on planning a wedding, blame it on being in a new place and not having taken the time to find a good running trail—there's not really a good excuse. Well, maybe the commute, that's a pretty good one. That won't be a problem in approximately 89 days, but the race is less than 89 days away. So I need to get used to training and commuting. In other words, my sleep and social schedule will become even more grandmotherly than normal!

Here's my training schedule for this year.

Picture 3.png

Last year I did the intermediate version, but this year I'm stepping back to beginner because I want to be realistic. I'm going to attempt to work spinning into my routine, as I've heard it's really great crosstraining and I want to try and get over my fear and also see if people are lying when they say that your fanny gets used to the bike seat. That will be mixed with kickboxing, yoga, and core workouts. I'm thinking about attempting to keep a weightlifting class in the mix, but realistically I think the core workout will have to be my strength training because it will be less daunting on a Sunday morning. I think about doing a 6 minute squat track with 45 lbs. of weight and my quads tremble and say, "Why do you torture us?"

I'm going to attempt to find a good outside area in which to run. I've been lucky to always live near a paved walking/running trail until this year. My next best option is to run on local roads that are hilly and have some-to-zero amount of shoulder room. This is a sure bet to keep my heart rate going at a good pace. I've tried to tell myself that because we live in Amish country, people drive more cautiously, especially when coming over hills and around corners on roads with no corner. But... I'm pretty sure that's not actually true. Maybe I will talk to an Amish neighbor and find out some good resources for flashing LED hazard lights that I can pin on my shirt or something. 

So yeah, day one of week one. Here we go!