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be prepared!

I'm prepping for the race tomorrow and holy crap, there's a lot of stuff I'm bringing:


Shoes, socks that (knock on wood) won't cause blisters, compression socks for sleeping in, outfit with two options depending on the hourly forecast for tomorrow morning, hat, sunscreen, Advil, kleenex, watch, Road ID (in case I fall off a median while bypassing the slow people), water, Gatorade, Honey stinger waffles (pre-race food), Honey Stinger chews (mid-race fuel), and finally, my Shuffle (aka "Shuffazilla as I have nicknamed it). Loaded with the likes of Metallica (pre-Black album, if you're wondering), Adele, CCR, Girl Talk, Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, and for the sake of embarrassing myself, Pussycat Dolls.

Oh yeah, and I'm spending the night in Philly to avoid the stress of driving 2-ish hours and battling traffic in the AM, hence the early packing. Here we go!