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on the move (har har)

We moved about three weeks ago (closer to work, closer to family, closer to civilization, though I do sometimes miss seeing horses when I run) and I can't decide if training for a race while also planning and completing a move was a good or bad thing or if the good and the bad just cancel each other out and it's just a crazy thing to attempt. On the plus side, I joined a gym only a few days after moving, found a park to run in shortly thereafter, and have tried at least somewhat to stick to my training schedule. The downside would be doing speed training the morning we moved (my shins were kind of angry about that, they twinged furiously all day as I went up and down the stairs) and being very lenient with myself about completing my scheduled training runs, and especially long runs. After we moved most (all?) of my long runs fell by the wayside. Sometimes a trip to Ikea just takes priority over running. 

However! I have been doing some speed training, but I've been doing it all on an inside track. I started out using the gym track for convenience, and then I decided the non-asphalt nature of the track was good for my legs, and then once the heat wave rolled in, I decided the air conditioning at the gym was good for my continued motivation to run through the summer. I mostly think this is cheating, but whatever—at least I'm still running. I have a feeling this will be my preferred method of training as long at the temperature is above 80-something degrees. In addition to counting air conditioned runs as "cheating" I have to remember that my air conditioned times are going to give me false hope for race day. I ran my fastest time ever for my 5K test recently!

Screen Shot 2012-06-20 at 8.12.23 PM.png

I will report back after this weekend to see how my utopian training fares in the real world, where the high on race day will be in the mid to upper 80s...