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And Now for Something Totally Creepy

It has been a lifelong (err, since I was 20-ish) dream of mine to visit Eastern State Penitentiary (yes, I know, I dream big, considering I live about 25 miles away and could have gone any time in the last ten years). This year, my husband took me as a birthday present. It was totally as creepy and in disrepair as it boasts. Next year I want to go back and make a trip through Terror Behind the Walls. This year I loved telling people that my husband took me to prison for my birthday. Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip (a mix of Hipstamatic iphone shots and DSLR. You can see the entire Flickr set here.)

The nice gargoyle that greets visitors. Pretty sure this is in no way original to the prison.

Apparently the skylights were intended to invoke the eye of God.