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New Project: Visual Vocabulary

Remember back in high school when we were plugging away through some book for English class and had weekly vocabulary tests? It was annoying but also kind of good because it was fifteen more words that MIGHT be on the SAT and therefore, presented a realistic positive (at least somewhat possible) reward. Because who really studied for the SAT on top of doing all of their other high school homework? I was a nerd in high school and even I didn't bother with that. Making sure I got my six hours of chemistry homework done every night was a higher priority. (Side note: ugh, chemistry. I hated it. I took honors chem for some crazy reason and my mom wouldn't let me drop it for college prep. And now I am a graphic designer for a living. File that under "lies they tell you in high school about what will be useful later in life.")

Anyway, now that I'm an adult I find myself looking up words in books and then immediately forgetting what they mean because I don't have a vocabulary test looming to keep me focused. So I decided I would try and illustrate the new words that I come across in an attempt to sear them into my memory. My high school English teachers would be so proud!

Here's the first word, donnybrook, which I came across while reading Dennis Lehane's The Given Day.  (It was a solidly good book, though not as good as Mystic River, in my opinion.) I did this illustration with Paper by 53 on my iPad.

How about you? Do you have issues remembering vocabulary words as an adult? I hope this isn't a sign that I'm headed for Alzheimer's. Doodles will help me fight the good fight.