Visual Vocabulary: Oubliette

I like to test my husband with these words when I run across them. He's usually my Siri when it comes to looking up words, because he knows them a majority of the time and then I don't have to find my phone and look up words.

Visual Vocabulary: Oubliette illustration, Julie Rado Design

Once I'd already looked up the word oubliette and knew what it meant, I decided to test his knowledge.

Me: You must know the word oubliette.

Him: Oh yeah, it's a dungeon with some form of entrance that isn't in the front or something, right?

Me: BAH! HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL OF THESE WORDS IN SUCH DETAIL, IT'S NOT FAIR! You probably got it from D&D or from reading all of the Game of Thrones books, right?

Him: Oh, that one? No, I know that word from Labyrinth. 

Me: Oh, forgive me for not being well-versed on all of the dorky wells of knowledge that you have access to. (Cue cursing David Bowie and his creepy crotch-hugging tights under my breath.)

For the record, I love my husband very much and I'm glad he has a better vocabulary for me and I have nothing against dorks (I'm one myself, just in different ways than knowing medieval words). Also for the record, I swear I was forced to watch Labyrinth for the entirety of sixth grade during Library period (ironic, no?) and all I can remember is David Bowie's crotch in my face. So I never actually watched the entire movie and paid attention until I was an adult. I still recoil in horror at his crotch, but at least now I've seen the whole movie. 

Visual Vocabulary is a project I created for myself in which I attempt to sear new words into my memory by illustrating them. You can see all of them here.