Visual Vocabulary: Sigogglin

Sorry for the one week hiatus, fellow vocab lovers. I know you were waiting with bated breath for me to illustrate a new wacky word. I was busy completing the seemingly insurmountable task of creating a photo album of three years worth of photos in order to have it wrapped up and under the Christmas tree by December 24th. Since I am a designer and a control freak, I had to design the entire thing myself, which took some time. I originally thought it might be 50 pages. It turned out to be 162 pages. So, yeah. On with the new word!

I ran across the word sigogglin in The Poisonwood Bible (great book if you haven't read it). It is classified as both ancient and with origins in Appalachia, so it makes the most sense for it to be in relation to teeth, don't you agree? Them thar sigogglin Billy Bob teeth. I can make fun of them without feeling bad because I'm from Ohio. 

Visual Vocabulary: sigogglin illustration, Julie Rado Design

Visual Vocabulary is a project I created for myself in which I attempt to sear new words into my memory by illustrating them. You can see all of them here.