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Visual Vocabulary: Timorous

Timorous is is a fairly obvious word, even without contextual clues... but still, I couldn't resist using one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies ever (if you have to ask—it's a Muppet Christmas Carol. If you've known me long enough, I'm sure I've quoted it in your presence before.) Also, a mouse grasping a wedge of cheese is obviously a mouse after my own heart.

Visual Vocabulary: timorous illustration, Julie Rado Design

On an only somewhat related note, when my sister and I were kids, we had two pet mice. Don't ask me why our parents ever agreed to allow this; I can only imagine that our constant asking for another pet in addition to Wiggles the rabbit must have worn them down. A big part of the reason that we decided to get mice was that they were priced to sell at only $1.50 each (because they were feeder mice), which was exactly one and a half weeks worth of allowance. One of the mice was named Mousers (memorialized in internet eternity here) which is the point of this long tangent. We did enjoy having the mice, but I'm sure my parents regretted them almost immediately after we brought them home. Among the incidents with the mice, we had the time they escaped and wandered the house pooping on everything and eventually wound up in the washing machine (luckily my mom discovered this before dumping the dirty clothes in); there was the time one of them bit my little brother on Christmas Eve and he and the mouse had to go in to the ER (the mouse went "in case we have to do an autopsy on him to see if he has any diseases like rabies"); and then there was the time when my sister went to check on the mice babies (oh yes, we managed to get a boy and a girl and they hit it off, I guess) and she discovered several headless baby mice and a momma mouse that was fat and sassy and licking her chops. Long story short, I wouldn't recommend mice for pets. They are not timorous creatures, despite their reputation. 

Light the lamp not the rat, light the lamp not the rat!

Visual Vocabulary is a project I created for myself in which I attempt to sear new words into my memory by illustrating them. You can see all of them here.