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Visual Vocabulary: Redolent

Redolent: having a strong, pleasant odor.

As in, “Baking 547 Christmas cookies for presents left our apartment smelling downright redolent and awakened my husband's inner cookie monster.”

Visual Vocabulary: redolent, Julie Rado Design


Real talk: yes, I did bake that many cookies and let’s be honest, Scott doesn’t have an inner cookie monster that slumbers. It’s always awake, but then, so is mine. Who else is having a food baby in the new year? Mmm hm. I’m just saying, juiced carrots are not what I would call redolent. 

Oh, and in case anyone wants to know where I get my recipes from: 

  1. Salted (Bacon) Chocolate Chips: use this recipe and add 10 strips of bacon for each batch. I cook it (the bacon), crumble it, scoop the dough and refrigerate, then roll the dough in the bacon before baking.

  2. Soft Gingersnaps. These were new this year, but a total hit.

  3. Salted Mudslides (one of my favorites).

  4. Chewy Lemon Cookies, a nice palate cleanser.

  5. And the original Brown Butter and Sea Salt Chocolate Chips.

Who’s got cookies recommendations for next year’s list? Lay em on me!

PS: watercolor visual vocabularies are what happens when I’m on vacation and don’t want to sit at my computer. Then I defeat the purpose of that by going and making it into a gif. 

Visual Vocabulary is a project I created for myself in which I attempt to sear new words into my memory by illustrating them. You can see all of them here, and read more about the process behind them here.