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Visual Vocabulary: Philistine

When I ran across this word (yet again in The Goldfinch, do I sound like a broken record yet?) I was confused because I was thinking Philistine in the biblical sense of the people—why was this woman in the book referring to her child as an ancient race of people? Was he wearing an armored skirt or a helmet with a big red plume? Nope. As it turns out, he was just a lout; he was so philistine that he probably didn't even know it was supposed to be an insult, ha! And as it turns out, knowing the other meaning of Philistine is one of the few things I retained from going to church every Sunday for eighteen years. Thanks, mom!

Visual Vocabulary: philistine illustration, Julie Rado Design

Visual Vocabulary is a project I created for myself in which I attempt to sear new words into my memory by illustrating them. You can see all of them here.