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How to Use Your Words for Artists + Designers: Resources and Other Goodies

Welcome, DCAD students and other random internet wanderers. Here are some links to blogs and books I talked about in my presentation if you want to check them out:

The Great Discontent
A great read about artists and their stories and processes. 

& Kathleen
A designer in Oklahoma City who really enjoys writing and helping creatives.

Me at 13
A hilarious Tumblr of a girl’s journal entries from middle and high school.

Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamott
A writer’s advice on how to get started writing despite the fear of sucking. She says, “We all have to start with a shitty first draft.” 

The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron
She recommends a method of journaling called Morning Pages, where you write three pages every morning to clear out the cobwebs and help your creativity flow.

If you're curious about self promos and want to see them up close and personal, most of them live here on my website.

Art School Revelations by Julie Self Promo

Christmas Card & Gift Tag Self Promo

Julie Rado Design Website Birth Announcement

This one wasn't in the talk because I didn't have time, but it's another self-promo I did for Valentine's Day one year: Enduring Love Sketchbook Self Promo