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Visual Vocabulary: Inveigle

Inveigle: Persuade someone to do something by means of deception or flattery. As in, "My friends inveigled me to get on that death trap speed launcher roller coaster at Six Flags and I nearly pooped my pants in terror."

Visual Vocabulary: inveigle, Julie Rado Design

Can you tell I hate roller coasters and have allowed myself to be inveigled into riding them at multiple points in my life to show friends and family that no, I still really don't like them? While I've never pooped my pants in terror, I have cried while waiting in line to ride Superman while simultaneously breaking into a cold sweat and having a panic attack. Note to boyfriends: this is not an effective way to make your girlfriend like you more (not to worry, that one didn't last and I married a man who doesn't like roller coasters either. Match made in chicken squad heaven.)

Visual Vocabulary is a project I created for myself in which I attempt to sear new words into my memory by illustrating them. You can see all of them here, and read more about the process behind them here.