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Congreso 2015 Gala Latina: Santa Rosa de Copan

Congreso asked Untuck to design the logo and collateral for its 2015 Gala Latina, “Santa Rosa de Copán.” They wanted to make this year’s invitation suite extra special, as both Congreso’s CEO and new board chair are from the Honduras, which is where Copán is located. Congreso suggested we consider staying away from too much of a Mayan theme, as they had done a Gala recently with a Peruvian ruins look, and also that we try to incorporate coffee and monkeys—which the Honduras and Copán are known for. They also asked us to make the invitation suite bright and fresh. 

With that in mind, we came up with a design that incorporates brightly colored engravings of animals and plants found in Copán with sophisticated type that layers over a burlap texture. Mixing the typefaces and bringing in the texture was a nod to Copán coffee packaging. To make the invitation suite extra special, we set up the engravings and type on the printed pieces to have a spot gloss varnish coating so that they would really pop off of the uncoated paper. At Congreso’s suggestion, we were able to find and incorporate engravings of a totem and a pyramid that are specific to Copán—but the rest of the illustrations and white space balance the suite without focusing too much on the ruins. 

(Work done at Untuck Design with John Saal & Amy Saal)