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Congreso 2016 Gala Latina: Joropo Venezolano

For their 2016 Gala Latina, Congreso wanted to capture the Joropo Venezolano—a traditional Venezuelan dance that features dancers using their ruffled skirts to create visually mesmerizing moves. Congreso also asked us to keep a strict color palette of red, gold and blue to mirror the Venezuelan flag.

After sketching out patterns of the Joropo Venezolano skirts in motion, we thought that the same curves will be perfectly captured by the swashes of a script typeface. For the Gala title, we used an elegant, contrasting typeface with a great sense of rhythm to capture the movement of the Joropo Venezolano dancers and nestled it into a frame of flowing, organic curves.

(Work done at Untuck Design with John Saal & Amy Saal)

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