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National Urban League 2015 Conference Identity & Collateral

Untuck designed the logo and all collateral pieces for the 2015 National Urban League Conference, Save Our Cities: Education, Jobs & Justice, which was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since art deco architecture, which is known for its bold use of geometric shapes and embrace of technology, is prominent in South Florida, we decided to bring some of those elements into the conference identity design. The logo features an art deco cityscape with a touch of glamour.

The color palette is dramatic but fun, and is also distinctly South Florida while remaining tied to the National Urban League brand. As part of the identity system, we also created additional patterns that highlight the modern, clean feel of the conference identity while easily tying into the look of South Florida and bringing another layer to the design. 

(Work done at Untuck Design with John Saal & Amy Saal)

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