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Tradecraft Analytics Logo & Collateral

Tradecraft Analytics works with biopharmaceutical companies to connect the right patients with the right treatment. Tradecraft Analytics takes its name from analytical tradecraft, which is a technique used by intelligence agencies to make sense of disparate, missing or even conflicting pieces of information. 

One of the things we learned about Tradecraft Analytics’ approach that informs the identity is their goal of knowing more today than they did yesterday, and more tomorrow than they do today. This methodical, iterative approach is what we sought to capture with the identity. The layered, moving pieces of the logo come together to form a unified orb—the whole picture pieced together from different parts. To further highlight this idea, we also created a custom wordmark that has missing elements but is still very readable. As part of the identity, the orb may live on its own as part of the badge—a nod to intelligence agencies’ use of analytical tradecraft.

(Work done at Untuck Design with John Saal & Amy Saal)

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