See, what had happened was...

Finally, here is the explanation for my long absence:

The self promos that I did to announce that I finally had launched a new website. I did them as birth announcements—I kept seeing fun birth announcements featured on different blogs, and since I am a long ways off from ever having to design one of them, I thought it would be a fun way to get out the news about my new site.


So what do these website announcements have to do with me being a lazy blogger? Well. I have been honing my self promo skills for a while now—since graduating from Portfolio Center (please see example one, example two, and example three). And, for the most part, I sent them to people that I had already met in the industry. Usually, these were people that I'd met on informational interviews when I had first graduated. Since I got the occasional "That was so cool!" email, but not much else, I decided it was time to step up my game. As much as I love the creative freedom of doing a self promo, let's face it—the end goal is for it to help me get new work. So this time, I expanded my mailing list to target people who I'd never met, but whose work I admired. I was hoping that it might get me a nibble, a compliment, a connection. Something.


Within a few days of sending out the promos, I had gotten way more than I'd ever expected. Forget hoping for a nibble—I got four interviews. For a person whose only experience looking for a real job has been during the Great Crappy Recession of Recent Years, it was pretty amazing. I was totally flabbergasted and also really excited.

So that's why I've been absent for a while. I was busy hobknobbing with cool design firms! I'm very happy to say that I am now working at Choke Design Company as a senior designer. It just goes to show that busting your butt through a recession builds character and forces you to try different approaches to catching the eye of a prospective employer or client. (Alright, that was a little sappy and I'm starting to sound like my Grandpa talking about the Depression). But still. I'm happy to report that hard work does pay off for those that are persistent.