Penn Urban Studies worked with Untuck to create an event collateral template system of posters, postcards and news and event email blasts that would draw the crowds and be visually appealing, but would also be easy enough for them to update in-house for each event. 

The system that we designed for the event templates is modern and urban. The bright colors and overlapping elements keep the design feeling fresh while the tight grid and hierarchy work to keep the event details clear and organized. To keep the templates simple and customizable, we set up the posters and postcard files to have the option of using either an event-specific photo background or an urban texture background from a library of textures for events that were harder to find specific imagery for.  

(Work done at Untuck Design with John Saal & Amy Saal)


Penn Urban Studies Event Collateral designed by Julie Rado / John Saal / Amy Saal at Untuck Design